• Some good notes and statistics on Social Media I might want again someday

    Last Updated: 11/14/2017 Facebook ads reach 1.2 billion users per year. (Attached PDF) Facebook accounts for nearly 20% of all page views in the United States (Attached PDF) The average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day on the site. (Attached PDF) Facebook still commands over 70% of all social network ad revenue.  (Attached PDF) More than 26% of total US digital display ad revenue came from Facebook in 2016! (Attached PDF) According to the CMO Survey, social media spending increased 234 percent from 2009 to 2017, accounting for 11.7 percent of total marketing budgets. AOL found that marketers that allocate ad dollars to social channels see a 25% increase in sales from…

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  • Examples of Orphaned Content

    Last Update: 6/16/2016 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/travel/toolbox/carrentals.htm http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/presents/index.urban.html

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  • List of articles covering the pointless “SEO is Dead/Not Dead” debate

    Just some of the more notable ones. Last updated 3/26/2017 3/26/2017 – SEO Is Not Dead 11/29/2016 – SEO is Not Dead for Local Businesses (Geo Marketing) 11/1/2016 – SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding (Duct Tape Marketing) 10/19/2016 – SEO is not dead; It’s just a shape-shifter (Search Engine Land) 10/4/2016 – SEO is DEAD in 2016 (Adco Digital) 10/3/2016 – SEO is Dead (Medium) 4/28/2015 – The Top 4 Reasons SEO Is Dead (Entrepreneur) 3/9/2015 – Google Ranking Factors: SEO Is Not Dead (Huffington Post) 2/16/2015 – The Future of SEO is Not SEO (CMS Wire) 9/10/2014 – Past, Present And Future: Why SEO Might Transform, But Will Never Die (Forbes) 3/12/2014…

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  • Cool Shorts – Animated And Live Action

    Last updated 9/5/2017 French Roast – A little French man learns an important lesson over a cup(s) of coffee. 9 (Not the movie) – Much more inspired and engaging than the actual movie. Lady and the Reaper – Death does not have to be a tragedy. Don’t make it one. A Gentleman’s Duel – Because I’m a sucker for an underdog. Spin – Basically sums up how I feel about talented IT people Billy’s Balloon – Because I always wondered what they were thinking… Danny and Annie – You will cry. Haoma – Marriage is for love. The Life Of Death – Death does not have to be something we fear. Untitled – Cool…

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  • All I Want For Christmas…

    Last Updated: 3/26/2017 For family and friends looking for gifts for me, here’s a list of things I love: More of the metal storage racks like the ones we have in the basement right now. Jessi knows which ones they are exactly. A lid for my 30-gallon aquarium Tay Tea – but just one bag, please. One bag lasts me for months. My favorite flavor is A Day in Provence, but only because I haven’t had others. Pyrex Storage – This lid with this container, specifically. I bought my first ones in Iowa and I hoard them greedily. They’re expensive but worth it. I have one extra lid with no container.…

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  • When I’ve Been Quoted/Cited

    I get quote for things from time to time, and I try to keep a running list when I do. Here's a few I've come across.

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  • Analogies I Use In Digital Marketing

    This is just an ongoing list, for my personal reference.  I’ll add to it as I think of them; please feel free to read through, if you find any interesting or useful. Last updated 7/29/2015 Sports Car Analogy – I almost always recommend building a substantial (1,400+ words) article to accompany an Infographic, with an introduction to the IG and a call to action at the top, then the IG displayed, and then a closely related article/analysis below. When negotiations open to shorten it to, say, 250 words, I point out how much work and cost we’ve put into research, design, and creative for this piece, and how much work we’re…

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  • Things I Need To Revisit And Read In Their Entirety

    Last Updated 5/31/2018 Set up a GDPR Cookie Consent Form Using Google Tag Manager – I have no doubt in my mind that I’m going to need to know this. 58 Form Design Best Practices & Form UX Examples – Lots of great ideas, and well organized. Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics Demystified – A big skill gap for me. Using page speed in mobile search ranking – Big announcement, I want to go back and read through all the links at the end. Design-Led Firms Win The Business Advantage — They seem to be combining the tenants of UX and CRO into CX. Good data in here. Why, when,…

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  • My Favorite Plugins

    Last Update: 8/9/2017 An ongoing list of extremely useful WP plugins I find along the way. AWRStudyr: Learn various back-end insights on a website you’re viewing. Image Pro:  Automatically resize images on the fly.  No gigantic images that only look small anymore. No Image Link: Works out of the box. Stops images from linking to themselves. sh404SEF – I’ve had good experiences with this one so far for Joomla. WP Force Lowercase URLs: Enforce URL parameters. WP Site Mapping: A super easy to use HTML sitemap generator, albeit a little quick and dirty, and slow to load. Yuzo – A great related posts plugin.

  • My SEO Site Evaluation Checklist

    We all have our bag of tricks in the industry. As time passes, I find that my bag is getting pretty big and cluttered. When I get stuck on an audit and need to kickstart myself, or when I think I've got everything, I like to use this list to make sure I'm not missing anything. This list is incomplete - and I'm constantly adding (and sometimes removing) items as I go. Hope it's as helpful for you as it's been for me over the years. :-)