• My Site Evaluation Checklist

    We all have our bag of tricks in the industry. As time passes, I find that my bag is getting pretty big and cluttered. When I get stuck on an audit and need to kickstart myself, or when I think I've got everything, I like to use this list to make sure I'm not missing anything. This list is incomplete - and I'm constantly adding (and sometimes removing) items as I go. Hope it's as helpful for you as it's been for me over the years. :-)

  • Favorite Musicians/Bands

    Nobody listens to my music. But if you want to try to prove me wrong - or try out some music you've never heard before - you might enjoy this.

  • Tools And Plugins I Like

    This is list of some of the tools I've found valuable as I work in digital marketing. Feel free to browse through and see if you find something new.