• List of articles covering the “SEO is Dead/Not Dead” debate

    Just a list I maintain for my amusement -- and to make a point when the topic comes up in professional conversation. Feel free to contribute in the comments, if you have a gem I missed, and I'll add it.

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  • Cool Shorts – Animated And Live Action

    My friends tend to love my taste in animated shorts, and will often ask me to share some of my "finds" when they visit. This post is a quick compilation of some of my favorites.

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  • When I’ve Been Quoted/Cited

    I get quoted for things from time to time, and I try to keep a running list when I find out it's happened. Here's what I've come across.

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  • Things I Need To Revisit And Read In Their Entirety

    Occasionally, I come across a piece of deep content that I don't have time to read, but is far too good to pass up. Here's my working list, which will update as I read them and find others.

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  • My Site Evaluation Checklist

    We all have our bag of tricks in the industry. As time passes, I find that my bag is getting pretty big and cluttered. When I get stuck on an audit and need to kickstart myself, or when I think I've got everything, I like to use this list to make sure I'm not missing anything. This list is incomplete - and I'm constantly adding (and sometimes removing) items as I go. Hope it's as helpful for you as it's been for me over the years. :-)

  • Favorite Musicians/Bands

    Nobody listens to my music. But if you want to try to prove me wrong - or try out some music you've never heard before - you might enjoy this.

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  • Things That Inspire Me

    Sometimes I need a little inspiration when the going gets tough. Here's some of the things that get me going again.

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  • Resources I Reference Regularly

    This is an ongoing list of helpful articles and how-to guides that I reference often when I'm working with my clients. Originally made (and currently maintained) for my own reference, there's a ton here that you might find helpful as well.

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