All I Want For Christmas…

Last Updated: 3/26/2017

For family and friends looking for gifts for me, here’s a list of things I love:

  • More of the metal storage racks like the ones we have in the basement right now. Jessi knows which ones they are exactly.
  • A lid for my 30-gallon aquarium
  • Tay Tea – but just one bag, please. One bag lasts me for months. My favorite flavor is A Day in Provence, but only because I haven’t had others.
  • Pyrex Storage – This lid with this container, specifically. I bought my first ones in Iowa and I hoard them greedily. They’re expensive but worth it. I have one extra lid with no container.
  • Halladay’s Herbs – Especially Garlic Chive, Garlic Tomato Basil, Italian Mushroom, and Farmhouse Five Onion. I don’t need Chardonnay dip.
  • Nice Cookies – But good luck getting them. I haven’t had them in 20 years and didn’t know they were still sold.
  • This CD by Dispatch.
  • A trip to Punxsutawney, PA for Groundhog Day
  • I love Anchor Hocking’s square glass jars with the airtight glass lids. I use them to store things like beans, pasta, and dry goods, and the look much prettier and less messy than bags and cardboard boxes. I have a bunch of them and could use a bunch more – especially the smaller, more squat ones. Examples: One, two, three, four.
  • I want this, but it’s next to impossible to purchase. I’ve been trying to get it for years. It’s a collectible from the anime Kino’s Journey, and I don’t think it was made available in the USA. The website that sold it seems to not have it listed anymore. To complicate things, it’s also called Kino No Tabi, Kino’s Travels, and The Beautiful World:
  • Blue ramshorn snails from this ebay auction.
  • This “Sprogz” figurine – Toad Stool. Serial number SG057. Also Deeptone. Others I want: “I only have flies for you”, “Jolly Frogger” and most of the musician ones.
  • GE Twist-n-Lock Earphones – I hoard these like crazy. I don’t think they make them anymore, and I love them.
  • Curtains for my office window
  • A car charger for my Tracphone
  • Additional laptop batteries

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