• Examples of Orphaned Content

    Last Update: 6/16/2016 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/travel/toolbox/carrentals.htm http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/presents/index.urban.html

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  • List of articles covering the pointless “SEO is Dead/Not Dead” debate

    Just some of the more notable ones. Last updated 3/26/2017 3/26/2017 – SEO Is Not Dead 11/29/2016 – SEO is Not Dead for Local Businesses (Geo Marketing) 11/1/2016 – SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding (Duct Tape Marketing) 10/19/2016 – SEO is not dead; It’s just a shape-shifter (Search Engine Land) 10/4/2016 – SEO is DEAD in 2016 (Adco Digital) 10/3/2016 – SEO is Dead (Medium) 4/28/2015 – The Top 4 Reasons SEO Is Dead (Entrepreneur) 3/9/2015 – Google Ranking Factors: SEO Is Not Dead (Huffington Post) 2/16/2015 – The Future of SEO is Not SEO (CMS Wire) 9/10/2014 – Past, Present And Future: Why SEO Might Transform, But Will Never Die (Forbes) 3/12/2014…

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  • Online Marketing And SEO Facts, and where I found them

    Last Update: 10/1/2017 A sitemap can be no larger than 50mb and can hold no more than 50,000 URL’s. – Sitemaps.org Linkspammers are injecting code and links into PDF’s – Search Engine Land 60%+ of direct traffic is from organic search – Groupon 77% of baskets are abandoned by shoppers. – Search Engine Land The ideal search box is 27 characters wide. – Smashing Magazine Pure black text on a pure white background is hard for a dyslexic user to see. – UX Movement 10-15% of the US population has dyslexia – Dyslexia Research Institute An OG image should be 1200×630, or proportionately larger. FB Developers Site Google counts the first…

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  • Tools I Use Regularly

    What follows is an ongoing list of some of the tools I use regularly when doing my job.  This list is primarily so I have easy access to it if I’m at a computer where my bookmarks are not present.   Feel free to browse through and see if you find something new. Last Update: 7/30/2018 .htaccess tester – Test your file for errors and issues. 301/302 Redirect Checker – A quick way to check a redirect to see what type it is. 960 Grid System – A great reference to how the 960 works. Add Author Link In Montezuma – A great fix available in this forum All The…

  • Blog Posts And Articles I Reference Regularly

    This is just a list of blog posts that I found particularly handy, and reference back to from time to time. Last Update: 7/31/2018 14 Top Notch Resources To Help You Become a CRO Expert – Great links to guides I want to come back and read in full. 18 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have In 2013 – Great numbers here for character counts. I disagree that canonical links aren’t integral. 50+ Video Marketing Stats that Prove You’re Doing it Right – Cool facts about the power of video marketing. A Primer On A/B Testing – I’m a bit rusty with this kind of testing and have been doing it…

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  • Examples of Pure Black Hat

    I’ve seen many, but these are the most obvious.  The beginning of the URL stripped out, for obvious reasons. Last Update: 8/1/2014 lymegreen.co.uk/couch-relax-sound-001/2007-03-25-10-44-21-0/raw_2007-03-25-10-44-21-0   .html ocuzapivotav.prv.pl/radiation-therapy-canton-georgia    .php specialchildrensfriends.org/wp-content/uploads/backup/accessory/jobsinsan   .html ancavecap.gegahost       .net/photos/400-as-it-job-mainframe.html anitaminty. gegahost.  net/

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  • Websites And Webpages I Refer To Often

    The following is a quick list of websites I reference often.  It’s primarily for my own use, but feel free to browse if you’re interested. Last Update: 5/30/2018 AfterNic – A great reference to see where domain prices are by recent sales comparison. 21st Centry Information Fluency – A cool Javascript hack to find out how recently a webpage was updated.  Does not work on most sites. CNN’s Sniffing And Seizing Interactive Article – Not quite as successful as ESPN’s. A good case study on how NOT to handle this new medium. ESPN’s “Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building” – It’s not a WhitePaper, it’s not an article.  A…

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