• Things That Inspire Me

    Sometimes I need a little inspiration when the going gets tough. Here's some of the things that get me going again.

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  • Blog Posts And Articles I Reference Regularly

    This is an ongoing list of helpful articles and how-to guides that I reference often when I'm working with my clients. Originally made (and currently maintained) for my own reference, there's a ton here that you might find helpful as well.

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  • Websites And Webpages I Refer To Often

    The following is a quick list of websites I reference often.  It's primarily for my own use, but feel free to browse if you're interested.

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  • What The Funny Pages Taught Me About Blogging

     For at least five generations, the women in my family have married young. I am my mother’s firstborn, she is my grandmother’s, and she is the firstborn of my great grandmother. This means my mother is 51, my grandmother is 70, and my great grandmother (bless her stars) is 91 this year. Suffice to say, it’ll be a good long while before anyone in my family takes my age seriously. On the bright side, one benefit of being the toddler of the family at age 33  is that, to this day, my grandmother still saves me the comics pages from her newspapers. I pick up a stack every time I…