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Blog Posts And Articles I Reference Regularly

This is just a list of blog posts that I found particularly handy, and reference back to from time to time.

Last Update: 10/9/2018

14 Top Notch Resources To Help You Become a CRO Expert – Great links to guides I want to come back and read in full.

18 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have In 2013 – Great numbers here for character counts. I disagree that canonical links aren’t integral.

50+ Video Marketing Stats that Prove You’re Doing it Right – Cool facts about the power of video marketing.

A Primer On A/B Testing – I’m a bit rusty with this kind of testing and have been doing it more often recently.  This is a great overview of some of the basics.

Ableist Words And Terms To Avoid – This list is regularly updated and maintained, and every digital marketer should be familiar.

Advanced Content Tracking With Google Analytics – Great stuff that I need to start implementing more often.

All The Marketing Statistics You Need. – It’s completely true.  There’s a boatload to be had.

Don’t Use Automatic Image Sliders Or Carousels; Ignore The Fad – A strong case against carousels, my design arch nemesis.

E-mail Marketing – Campaign Analysis, Metrics, Best Practices – A conceptual application of the data found in my SilverPop Resource.

Excellent Analytics Tip #13: Measure Macro AND Micro Conversions – I need to go back and read this more thoroughly. A great gift of perspective for when I overfocus on CRO.

Google: Can’t Crawl Your Robots.txt, then We Stop Crawling Your Site – Out of sight is not out of site (See what I did there?  Eh?  Eh?). A great reference to drive it home when we need to repair a robots.txt file.

Google’s Matt Cutts On Publishers With Duplicate Content: Use The Canonical Tag – A good reference when I need to drive home using a canonical link to eliminate duplicate content.

Google Tag Manager Form Tracking 7 – This has bailed me out of many a GTM snag.

How Much Data Did Facebook Have On One Man?  1,200 Pages Of Data In 57 Categories – A good reminder of just how poor Internet privacy is.

How Much Does Web Server Proximity Affect Web Site Speed? – A great case study, showing some big drops in speed when servers are overseas.

How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales – Great case study on the power of site speed in ecommerce.

How To:  Optimize the OG: Description Tag For Search And Social – Character count limits for most OpenGraph data limits on the major social sites.

Infographic: What Is The Nofollow Tag; When & How To Use It – It’s not about the article’s subject.  I use this as a case study to show how to present an IG with content, and still make it work.

List of Adult-Related Keywords – For when you need to sanitize your site for Google’s adult filter (on by default).

List of Disability-Related Terms With Negative Connotations – Wikipedia maintains a good list for reference.

List of Google Search Operators – There’s a few here I’d still like to master.

Pro Placement Solutions, LLC – A site I reference sometimes when showing people what NOT to do.

SEO For PDF’s – An often overlooked bit of SEO wisdom, and something I’ve been working on making a reality.

Should I Use A Carousel? – Gloriously, sarcastically makes its point.

Structured Data Markup Visualization, Validation and Testing Tools – All the things. ALL. Of them.

Thank You Page Optimization – Basic tips on creating a high-converting “thank you” page for other verticals.

The Ultimate Guide To Multilingual and Multiregional SEO – Everything you need to know in one place.

Upworthy: Video – I really like how this video page handles adding a transcript to its content.

URL Rewriting For Beginners – I plan on promoting this strategy more often.

YouTube video tracking via Google Tag Manager – Really fantastic step by step guide. The pay-with-a-tweet content is here.

Wikidata list of properties – A list of all the properties currently available.

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