My SEO UAT Checklist

Last Update: 1/24/2018

When I do UAT, this is a short list of some of the universal things I check for (in no particular order):

  1. Does the wesbite have a favicon?
  2. Are sitemaps set up and present in robots.txt?
  3. Is the robots.txt error free?
  4. Do all pages have meta titles and descriptions?
  5. Is there a noindex; follow meta tag left over from development that needs to go?
  6. Do all conversion forms/paths work properly?
  7. Are all required fields in forms indicated with a visual cue?
  8. Is .htaccess formatted properly?
  9. Does the site create “soft 404” pages?
  10. Does the site have a strong 404 page built?
  11. Is it configured to have conventions for www, capitalization, and trailing slashes?
  12. Does the site have 301 redirects from all removed pages and previous site properties and not 302’s or nothing?
  13. Are all e-mail addresses listed on the site valid?
  14. Do external links open in a new window?
  15. Are images formatted for optimal file size?
  16. Do all images have alt text
  17. Do all images have optimized filenames
  18. Do folders have short, concise names?
  19. Do pages have canonical links?
  20. Do pages use duplicate metadata or content?
  21. Has existing content been used on other sites?
  22. Are h1’s being used on all pages?
  23. Has the proper analytics code for Bing and Google been installed on all pages?
  24. Is Google Webmaster Tools installed?
  25. Does the site search feature work properly?  Does it show something useful if no results/matches were found?
  26. Do all conversions create a thank you page? Is it noindexed, nofollowed?
  27. Are goals set up and/or updated in Google Analytics?
  28. Do all PDF’s have metadata and proper formatting?
  29. Do WordPress pages have the setting to make images link to themselves turned off?
  30. Does the logo link directly to the home page, or is a redirect involved?
  31. Does the language of the buttons make sense?
  32. Does the content make sense in regards to the page?
  33. Is the sitemap pointing to the correct pages? Does it set priorities properly, or are they all “flat”?
  34. If HTTPS, is the site HSTS? Check in Chrome chrome://net-internals/#hsts. If the static or dynamic upgrade modes are strict, then it is enabled — OR just use this tool, following these instructions.
  35. If HTTPS, is the meta referrer tag implemented?

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