My SEO Site Evaluation Checklist 2

Last Update: 8/29/2017

Under construction.  I’ll add to it as I go.

  1. Is the content duplicated or plagiarized on other sites?
  2. Does the site have a lot of spammy links pointing to it?
  3. Does the site had a strong 404 page?
  4. What happens when a site search returns no results?
  5. Are the images optimized for file size, and/or are they larger than they appear on the page?
  6. Is the sitemap set up properly and filed in Webmaster tools?
  7. Does the site (and the blog) have the correct GA tracking code set up?
  8. Does the logo link directly to the home page, or is a redirect involved?
  9. Does the site have a favicon?
  10. Does the site have a sitemap that’s referenced in robots.txt, as well as a html site map? Is the sitemap submitted in GWMT and Bing WMT?
  11. Is the site disallowing URLs in the robots.txt file when it could be “noindex, follow”ing them?
  12. Does the site have strong meta titles in place, with no duplicates?
  13. Does the site have 156-character or less meta descriptions, and 140 or less for blogs?
  14. Do pages like the privacy policy include a “noindex, follow” tag?
  15. Do all forms work properly?  Do they have an engaging thank-you message?
  16. Are goals set up and tested in Google Analytics?
  17. Has the .htaccess file been set up and validated?
  18. Are all 301 and 302 redirects properly configured?
  19. Have all e-mail addresses on the site been validated?
  20. Do all outbound links open in a new window?
  21. Are images in the correct format, free of pixelation, and optimized?
  22. Do all images have alt text?
  23. Make sure the site is not using the meta keywords tag.
  24. Do all pages use an H1?
  25. Is Google Analytics, GWMT, and BWMT set up on all pages? Ensure that it’s the correct UA code for GA.
  26. Do all deleted content pages have proper redirects in place?
  27. http:// redirects to http://www, or the appropriate location.
  28. All noindex/disallow tags present during development have been removed.
  29. The site search feature is working properly, and a custom, helpful response is shown when no results are found.
  30. All forms and applications generate a thank you page or code that is trackable in Google Analytics, and include a noindex, follow tag.
  31. All planned structured data/OG data is in place and working properly.
  32. Ensure that PDF’s have metadata.
  33. URL conventions are in place for trailing slashes and capitalization.
  34. If it’s a WordPress site, ensure that the setting that makes images link to themselves by default is disabled.
  35. Is Universal Analytics & Tag Manager installed, or is it the old GA code?
  36. Does the logo link directly to the current home page link, or is a redirect involved?
  37. Does the blog have an RSS/E-mail subscription set up?
  38. Are bulleted and numbered lists formatted for both the website and the blog in the CSS?
  39. Does the site have spammy outbound links?
  40. Is all javascript in the header?
  41. How has site speed changes impacted traffic and conversions?
  42. Does the site have an “abandoned” HTTPS or HTTP site that does not redirect or rewrite?
  43. Does the site have multiple GA codes installed, or multiple instances of the same one? Use the Chrome Tag Assistant to check for hidden ones in external files or via Tag Manager as well.
  44. If the site is HTTPS, is it using HSTS? Check chrome://net-internals/#hsts, and if static_upgrade_mode: and/or dynamic_upgrade_mode: is set to dynamic, then it’s set up.

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