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What follows is an ongoing list of some of the tools I use regularly when doing my job.  This list is primarily so I have easy access to it if I’m at a computer where my bookmarks are not present.   Feel free to browse through and see if you find something new.

Last Update: 8/9/2017

.htaccess tester – Test your file for errors and issues.

301/302 Redirect Checker – A quick way to check a redirect to see what type it is.

960 Grid System – A great reference to how the 960 works.

Add Author Link In Montezuma – A great fix available in this forum

All The Marketing Statistics You Need. – It’s completely true.  There’s a boatload to be had. – Shorten URLs and track the clicks.

Epic Privacy Browser –  Browser with an on/off toggle to enable a proxy and hide the IP address.

Facebook Debugger – Important to run between refreshes when experimenting with OG data – Find e-mail addresses that would otherwise be hard to key in on.

Friend Or Follow – Find out who’s not following you on Twitter.

Google Campaigns URL Builder – Super easy to use, and invaluable in helping you track the success of campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner – The remaining way to do keyword research straight from the source.

Google Search Operators – A solid list of Google’s search operators.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool – Easily write titles and descriptions, and enter URLs while staying within character count.

Google SERP Title Tag Optimization Tool – MOZ’s updated tool for title tags.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool – Great for seeing if structured data and/or Authorship is set up properly.

Google Trends – Find out what keywords are trending online.

GroupHigh – If you can afford it, it’s fantastic for finding influencers and guest blog opportunities.

How Search Works – A virtual playground of SEO exploration I intend to visit more often.

Keyword Hero – Get your keyword search data back in Google Analytics.

Lucky Orange – My preferred tool for UX/CRO testing. – Test how your website looks in several leading mobile devices.

Mobile Friendly Test – Google Developer Tool to test mobile compatibility and get helpful suggestions. – OK, I don’t use this all the time. But I’d like to try it out. It runs a troubleshooting check of a given web page.

Online Chart Tool – This is an exceptional, free chart tool I use often to create visuals when building SEO site evaluations.

Open Site Explorer – View backlinks, social shares, and more. Also one of the faster ways to find significant 302 redirect issues.  Someone should make a 302 redirect scanner.

Redirect Checker — Quick way to find out where and how a link redirects (301/302, etc).

Regex Checker – Test out whether your regular expressions work properly. Refered to me by the lovely fellow dragon Jannette.

SilverPop’s 2013 E-mail Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study – An absolute wealth of data on e-mail marketing, conversions, and demographics.

The Old Reader – My RSS Reader

Tweet Binder – Find out traffic volume estimates while doing hashtag research.

Video Rich Snipper Generator By Sistrix – Great for populating schema into videos. Sadly, now only available in Germna.

WaybackPack – Download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given URL.

Web Page Test – A handy tool to find various website page speed metrics.

What CMS Is This? – Quickly scan a site and identify its CMS platform.

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    Generally we used koolchart to create visuals for site evaluation.
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