I’ve worked as both an in-house digital marketer and with agencies, and have more than 11 years of experience in earned-traffic strategies.

Company Types I’ve Worked With

  • Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Startups
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • International Companies
  • Universities

Key Industries I’ve Served

I’ve worked for companies in many different industries, but I have in-depth experience in the following verticals:

  • Recruiting/Careers
  • Home Improvement
  • B2B (especially SaaS and Tech)

My Services Include (But Are Not Limited To):


  • Technical Audits – I conduct a deep-dive technical audit of the site, providing a spreadsheet with all recommendations sorted by the effort needed to make the changes and the estimated value of each. Reports are broken out in separate tabs, with the project set up as much as possible to run upon delivery. Upon request, I can also document with video, PDF, and/or a spreadsheet, and I always do a presentation via phone and screenshare as well.
  • Migration Strategies – Website migrations can lead to drastic, sometimes complete drops in organic search traffic if not done properly. I can work with you to ensure that issues are avoided, and the new website takes full advantage of any missed opportunities to improve the future SEO value of the digital property.
  • Information Architecture Consultation – Helping search engines understand site structure and what the content is about while eliminating duplicate content created by poor URL conventions has a powerful effect, both on keyword rankings and on building higher quality, better-converting traffic.
  • SEO Content Strategy – I’ve used keyword research (often combined with community sentiment evaluations) to find gaps with high interest from potential clients and customers. I also have knowledge and experience in earning placement in Google’s answer box.
  • Local/International SEO – Localized search is packed with bottom-of-the-funnel visitors who are ready to convert. International audiences can feel bewildered and disconnected by an experience that does not speak their language or dialect. I can help you provide technical signals to search, both on- and off-site that will best align your site with the appropriate local and international audiences.
  • Linkspam Penalty Removal – I’ve worked with several companies to remove manual linkspam penalties and restore traffic to the afflicted websites, always with success. I can help you.
  • Keyword Research – I do this the old-fashioned way, using Google’s Keyword tool, competitive research, Google Suggest, and also community sentiment research to find the best keywords to target. I can provide a matrix, identify gaps in your keyword strategy, or just do on-page optimization and metadata creation for you.
  • Google Search Console/Bing Webmaster Tools Setup – This is an easy task, but very often overlooked and very valuable. I’m happy to do a complete setup, including a few things your team might overlook.

Note: While I engage in guest blogging and influencer strategy, I do not offer link building as a service.

Community/Influencer Strategy

  • Community Sentiment Reports Researching what your audience is saying – both about you and about your competitors – provides fantastic and often unexpected insights . We can find out what potential clients and customers love about what you have to offer, and what they hate. This will inform content strategy, reputation management, website design, social media, and virtually every other aspect of your marketing efforts.
  • Reputation Management Industry research and common sense agree that a strong online reputation will have a powerful impact on your bottom line. I can work with you to use review-site approved methods to maximize the number of positive reviews you receive, as well as appropriate and best-practice strategies for responding to negative reviews.
  • Influencer Research – Identifying excellent influencers to partner with your marketing efforts is time-consuming and is a high-level skill. I can help you identify these influencers, and the industries that will be most effective for your efforts, and lay the foundation for your future community strategy.
  • Influencer Strategy & Outreach – I have years of experience in successfully connecting with, negotiating with, and managing influencers for various kinds of marketing strategies. I can help you set a budget, create relevant influencer bait, set deadlines for a content calendar, set up measurable goals to monetize campaigns, and properly promote influencer content as you establish long-term relationships with them.
  • Guest Blogging – Similarly, I am very experienced in securing placement of content in collaborations with influencer blogs, and can help you get your brand placed in front of their unique and hard-earned audiences.

Content Strategy/CRO

  • Blog Strategy –
  • User Pathway/Funnel Optimization –
  • Content Creation –
  • Content Strategy Consultation –

Note: At this time, I do not offer PPC/Paid landing page optimization.

UX (User Experience)

  • UX Audits –
  • UX Tracking Setup –
  • UX Consultation –


  • Google Analytics Setup –
  • Google Tag Manager Setup –
  • Competitive Analysis (For any of the above) –