Website Examples I Use With Clients

Last updated 7/8/2019
This is a list of pages that I like to refer to when I need a great example of something to show to clients – whether how to do it RIGHT – or WRONG.

Cathy Taughinbaugh – This is a good example of a website that includes the Contact link in the footer, but not in the main menu.

KLĒN & SŌBR – This is a great example of why using creative/branded messages in navigation elements can be a nightmare for the end user. Challenge a client to figure out what’s in the menus when they’re looking around, and ask them how long until they stopped caring.

Shatki School – I like how the “Load More” works with the visual flydowns.

USY – This is a good example of a major WordPress website, with /wp-admin/. It’s not a problem or unsecore, really, if people can ask this.

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