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Websites And Webpages I Refer To Often

The following is a quick list of websites I reference often.  It’s primarily for my own use, but feel free to browse if you’re interested.

Last Update: 5/30/2018

AfterNic – A great reference to see where domain prices are by recent sales comparison.

21st Centry Information Fluency – A cool Javascript hack to find out how recently a webpage was updated.  Does not work on most sites.

CNN’s Sniffing And Seizing Interactive Article – Not quite as successful as ESPN’s. A good case study on how NOT to handle this new medium.

ESPN’s “Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building” – It’s not a WhitePaper, it’s not an article.  A very unique take on interactive online content, and something I’d like to do more often.

Graphic Guru – Example of everything you should NOT do on a home page.

JBN Associates – Another site I use to show what NOT to do.  Check out the pancakes on their slideshow.

Jenny Marketing – A really nice layout for a flyer.

Poland Spring Facebook Post – I like how they handled this for user engagement, except for the link.

Redirection Best Practices – Good reference for redirects and their codes.

Search Marketing Services – Hey, a PDF with a call-to-action button.  Nifty!

StylistPop’s Old 404 Page – A reminder that it doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

UX Testing Webistes


World Market’s Food & Drink Page – Hover over “View All Food” on the Food Box.  This is a good way to pack more content on a page without compromising design.

YA Reading Flowchart – Great example of an interactive flowchart design.

Your Life On Earth (BBC) – A super cool, customized, interactive infographic that would take a ton of work, but is exactly the kind of content I recommend people invest in.

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