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    New To SEO? Let’s Get You Started!

    As the owner of five cats, six aquariums, and a two-year-old boy, with part-time guinea pigs staying over the summer from my wife’s classroom, my house is more like the local zoo than a home office. So I get it – if you’re blogging from home (like I am now, with a cat curled up in my arms and occasionally walking on the keyboard), whatever order you can bring to your life is a welcome addition. To help you get started with your site’s own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) project, I’ve got the project of optimizing your content completely organized and ready to go! What You’ll Need: (Free) An Airtable…

  • My Site Evaluation Checklist

    We all have our bag of tricks in the industry. As time passes, I find that my bag is getting pretty big and cluttered. When I get stuck on an audit and need to kickstart myself, or when I think I've got everything, I like to use this list to make sure I'm not missing anything. This list is incomplete - and I'm constantly adding (and sometimes removing) items as I go. Hope it's as helpful for you as it's been for me over the years. :-)

  • What The Funny Pages Taught Me About Blogging

     For at least five generations, the women in my family have married young. I am my mother’s firstborn, she is my grandmother’s, and she is the firstborn of my great grandmother. This means my mother is 51, my grandmother is 70, and my great grandmother (bless her stars) is 91 this year. Suffice to say, it’ll be a good long while before anyone in my family takes my age seriously. On the bright side, one benefit of being the toddler of the family at age 33  is that, to this day, my grandmother still saves me the comics pages from her newspapers. I pick up a stack every time I…