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Cool Shorts – Animated And Live Action

Last updated 9/5/2017

  • 9 (Not the movie) – Much more inspired and engaging than the actual movie.
  • A Gentleman’s Duel – Because I’m a sucker for an underdog.
  • Battle Of Everyone – This is pretty gratuitous in the violence department, but cameos galore, and good fun.
  • Billy’s Balloon – Because I always wondered what they were thinking…
  • Coda – The journey of a lost soul.
  • Danny and Annie – Love is the most important story of our lives.
  • Descendants – “though we listen only haphazardly, with one ear, we will begin our story with the word ‘and'” – Lisel Mueller
  • French Roast – A little French man learns an important lesson over a cup(s) of coffee.
  • Haoma – Marriage is about love. Nothing else.
  • Johnny Express – It’s all about perspective. One man’s errand is another man’s apocalypse.
  • Kiwi – I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if you haven’t, bring tissues.
  • Lady and the Reaper – Death does not have to be a tragedy. Don’t make it one.
  • Pinched – We all have demons to overcome. Sometimes, getting rid of them means giving up part of ourselves.
  • Spin – Basically sums up how I feel about talented IT people
  • The Life Of Death – Death does not have to be something we fear.
  • The Ocean Maker – Sometimes the gentlest gifts come with the noblest sacrifice.
  • The People’s Mario – A fun and almost thoughtful interpretation
  • The Reward – Count me in on the journey, don’t expect me to stay.
  • The Wishgranter – It’d be nice if there were little creatures out there working had to sort out our awkward world into something a little happier.
  • Untitled – Cool animated short with a great heroine who saves her SO from a videogame world.

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