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List of articles covering the “SEO is Dead/Not Dead” debate

Last updated 3/25/2019

1/28/19 – SEO – Is It A Dying Channel? (Search Engine Journal)

1/21/19 – SEO is Dead – Long Live SEO! (TriHead)

9/17/18 – SEO Is Back!  But Was It Ever Really Gone? (Search Engine Journal)

4/20/18 – SEO: Is It Really Dead? (Forbes again!)

4/9/2018 – Is SEO Dead, or is it Evolving? (Forbes)

12/30/18 – It’s 2018 and SEO is dead. Again (Dyno Mapper)

3/26/2017 – SEO Is Not Dead

11/29/2016 – SEO is Not Dead for Local Businesses (Geo Marketing)

11/1/2016 – SEO Isn’t Dead, It’s Simply Hiding (Duct Tape Marketing)

10/19/2016 – SEO is not dead; It’s just a shape-shifter (Search Engine Land)

10/4/2016 – SEO is DEAD in 2016 (Adco Digital)

10/3/2016 – SEO is Dead (Medium)

4/28/2015 – The Top 4 Reasons SEO Is Dead (Entrepreneur)

3/9/2015 – Google Ranking Factors: SEO Is Not Dead (Huffington Post)

2/16/2015 – The Future of SEO is Not SEO (CMS Wire)

9/10/2014 – Past, Present And Future: Why SEO Might Transform, But Will Never Die (Forbes)

3/12/2014 – SEO Is Dead: Long Live OC/DC (Copyblogger)

11/19/2013 – SEO Isn’t Dead, Long Live SEO (Forbes)

11/13/2013 – Is SEO Dead (Forbes)

11/4/2013 – The Aftermath Of SEO’s Death This Summer (Forbes)

6/22/2013 – SEO is dead. Long live social media optimization. (The Guardian)

6/12/2012 – The Death Of SEO: The Rise Of Social, PR, And Real Content (Forbes)

5/20/2010 – R.I.P.: Search Engine Optimization is Dead! (WordStream)

11/10/1997 – Search Engines Are Dying (Online Advertising Discussion List) – First SEO is Dead Mention

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