Things I Need To Revisit And Read In Their Entirety

Last Updated 11/12/2019

Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines – It’s HUGE, but I need to commit and read it through.

How to Automate Pagespeed Insights For Multiple URLs using Google Sheets – I really want to make time to digest this.

Spying On Google: 5 Ways to Use Log File Analysis To Reveal Invaluable SEO Insights – I need to play around with this once I actually have a good log file in my hands.

How We Achieved A Google Page Speed Of 100 – I actually did read this entirely, but I want to read it again.

SEO Guide to Angular – Everything You Need To Know – I was loving reading this, but I was too burned out to properly absorb it.

Google Search Dataset Documentation – Lots of good stuff to learn about schema implementation in here.

Set up a GDPR Cookie Consent Form Using Google Tag Manager – I have no doubt in my mind that I’m going to need to know this.

58 Form Design Best Practices & Form UX Examples – Lots of great ideas, and well organized.

Cross Domain Tracking in Universal Analytics Demystified – A big skill gap for me.

Using page speed in mobile search ranking – Big announcement, I want to go back and read through all the links at the end.

Design-Led Firms Win The Business Advantage — They seem to be combining the tenants of UX and CRO into CX. Good data in here.

Why, when, and how much migration planning and related report – Sent from David Hobbs. Really good stuff.

IA Summit Videos – Watch them. Watch them all.

STAT White Paper – Rise to the top with featured snippets, recommended by Jason White.

The Story of Content, Rise Of The New Marketing – Recommended by Eta.

This Slide Deck from IA Summit – Rewarding near misses.

29 Common Google Analytics Data Errors And How To Fix Them – Just good stuff in here for understanding data.

Boolean Search Query Social Media Monitoring Tools – Written by a Dragon – need to read this white paper ASAP.

How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros – Excellent whitepaper on IT tech marketing with survey data and insights from IT pros themselves. Main point – humanize marketing and be less automated for IT pros.

The Ultimate Guide To Log File Analysis – I want to do more of this stuff.

We Tested How Googlebot Crawls Javascript And Here’s What We Learned – Good stuff to know.

Local Search Hacks You Probably Haven’t Seen Before – I did read this in its entirety, but I really want to go back and absorb it.

A quick laundry list of others:

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