As an independent digital marketing consultant, I provide insights built on more than 11 years in the industry. I specialize in earned traffic, and have limited experience with digital advertising such as PPC and social ads. My experience comes from both in-house and agency-level work, and I’ve worked with startups, small businesses, medium, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries. However, my most concentrated industry experiences are in recruiting/job-related fields, home improvement, and with B2B companies.

With that in mind, I typically categorize my areas of expertise in the following five categories:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization

I’m best known as an SEO, and have been working in both technical and content-side SEO throughout my career. I have a strong working knowledge of current best practices and also its history, and have also spoken to SEO in both industry conferences and one-time college courses. Some of my more commonly requested services include the following:

  • Technical SEO Audit: I provide a deep analysis of your website and provide a variety of SEO recommendations that speak to opportunities and issues, both on- and off-site. I provide results in a spreadsheet format that shows the effort needed to complete the work, the estimated value of the work, a description, and example URL’s where applicable. Scans and results are laid out in tabs if a spreadsheet, with the project set up as much as possible to run from there. The results can be presented in video, PDF, of slideshow format, per the client’s preference, and are also presented during a call.
  • Dev/IT Oversight/Quality Assurance: As technical SEO results are rolled out, dev teams often do not apply them to best practice. It’s important to have an experienced SEO present to ensure that each improvement and fix are the best choice for future SEO. I take a close look at each change, and an educational and collaborative approach as I work with all teams involved.
  • Website Migration Strategy: During website upgrades, rebrandings, and migrations, technical issues and missed opportunities to migrate to SEO best practices can lead to significant, sometimes total losses in organic search traffic. I am comfortable and experienced in working with marketing teams to guide the migration process to ensure that the new launch is best positioned for SEO success.
  • Knowledge Graph Building: Whether you’re looking for schema, wiki strategy, Google My Business, or other signals, I can help you maximize your presence on this important and highly visible area.
  • Local/International SEO: Whether locally or nationally, being found in location-based search connects you with high-converting traffic by putting you in front of visitors who are at the bottom of the sales funnel and ready to purchase. I can help you align your website with these audiences through technical upgrades and off-site improvements.

Please note: While my community services include guest blogging and influencer marketing, which does result in links, I do not provide “SEO” link-building services.

Community/Influencer Strategy

I define “Community Strategy” as working with off-site properties and communities of people who are having conversations about your brand. This can include review websites, company profiles, forums, blogs, and article reviews about your company, products, and employees. It also includes elements that impact the knowledge graph and the company’s online reputation, as well as social media.

Typical services I provide in this category are as follows:

  • Influencer Strategy: Influencers build brand awareness, referral traffic sources, and link pathways to your site. I’m experienced in identifying, connecting with, and working with bloggers that can partner with you to power your marketing strategy.
  • Reputation Management: Whether your product is eCommerce, B2B, jobs, pest control, or something else entirely, your online reputation is a powerful factor in how your business prospers. I can help monitor your presence and provided guided responses that make the best of any situation.
  • Community Sentiment Research: I take a deep dive in your off-site presence to understand what people are saying about your brand in comments, reviews, articles, social media posts, forum messages, and other resources. I compile this data, combined with the same kind of data on your competitors,  to document the pain and passion points of your audience, as well as how the perceive the strengths and weaknesses of your product versus the alternatives. This data can be applied to content strategy, social strategy, influencer marketing, website redesign, or virtually any aspect of marketing.

Content Strategy

I started off in Digital Marketing as a content strategist, and have created content that’s used on dozens of websites worldwide. My current content strategy services focus on research and consultation, helping to inform and guide your content strategy as it moves forward. When content creation is needed, I have excellent referrals I can connect you with, who I’ve worked with on many past projects.

  • Answer Box & Keyword Research: As search engines continue to act more like an artificial intelligence and less like simply an algorithm, keyword research has become important — but much less relevant. Blending keyword research with a strategy that targets questions that people ask Google (such as What’s a Graphic Designer’s annual salary?) create a long-term content strategy that targets things your audience wants to know about, while giving you a shot at a zero-position, enhanced keyword ranking. I’m also experienced in formatting content to increase its chances of being placed in Google’s answer box, and can consult on how to make this happen for you.
  • Pain/Passion Point Analysis: When it comes to your product or services, let your audience tell you what they care about! I can delve deep into product reviews for you and competitors to find out what people think about your company and product, competing products and companies, related products,  and the industry in general. I can build out that list to understand what your selling points are compared to the competition, and what makes people happy or angry enough to speak out. This data is powerful to drive forward content recommendations, as well as to inform an entire digital strategy.
  • SEO Content Strategy: Content should generally not be created for SEO purposes only, but there may be many missed opportunities to create content that addresses a user need that they’ve been searching for that your organization is an ideal fit to fill. I can help you identify searched-for terns that provide excellent content opportunities as well.

UX (User Experience) & IA (Information Architecture)

UX and IA – particularly where they apply to mobile compatibility, speed, and a visitor’s ability to understand what’s happening with a website, are an expected standard for visitors at this point, and a powerful SEO signal. Visitors who can intuitively understand how a website works stay on the site longer, convert more often, and are more likely to return. While experienced in UX and IA, I tend to weave its ideals into my other services, I do also offer these services:

  • Site Architecture Consultation: Creating a website that has a clear architecture, minimal duplicate content (generated technically or otherwise), and the proper signals to help visitors and search bots alike understand what your content and organization are about (such as bread crumbs, schema, and content signals) helps a website grow enormously in rankings, indexation, and usability.
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking: By tracking user behavior, we can discover how often key actions take place on a site, informing current success, researching future opportunities for change, and comparing the current website to its previous iteration. I have an intermediate level of skill in setting up Google Tag Manager tracking, and have set up tracking for dozens of websites.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization

While UX/IA serve the visitor’s need by making it easier for them to do what they’re trying to do in a better way, CRO’s focus is to guide them to better conversions. In some cases, I’ve helped a client increase their online goal completions, sales, and/or lead generations by 50% – 400%.

  • On-Site User Pathway Analysis: I evaluate how the website and other digital properties are set up to guide a visitor from first-touch content (such as blog posts) to deeper content (such as white papers) or converting content (such as contact or purchase pages). I work with the team to develop pathways designed to encourage visitors to stay on the site for as long as possible, while optimizing the pathway towards the pages that make you business.
  • Goal Tracking Setup: I can help your team identify the goals of the website, as well as certain KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) such as phone-number clicks, newsletter signups, and other value-adding behaviors, and track them as goals and events on your site. Over time, we can build data-based reports on the progress we’ve made in CRO through this data foundation.

Other Services

  • Competitive Analysis: Over the years, I’ve conducted many kinds of competitive analyses, focusing on a site’s general digital strategy, comparing SEO strategies, analyzing consumer sentiment, reporting on design/UX/CRO choices, content strategy, and/or a variety of other factors, all custom-built to serve my client’s specific needs. These reports are typically very large in scope, and are filled with actionable data and recommendations.
  • Google Analytics (GA) Setup: Even perfectly clean Google Analytics data can be a messy prospect, and I’ve never seen an account that couldn’t use at least a little help. When first working with any client, I like to do things like clean up their data from bot traffic and traffic from the company team itself (through IP-address filtering), set up filtered and unfiltered views, connect their GA account with Search Console, and get traffic alerts in place. It’s a fairly quick and methodical job that gets measurements in place, so we know how well we’re doing later on.
  • Training: I’m a former English teacher who has conducted many internal team trainings, have taught night/weekend courses at colleges, and have spoken at two conferences. From time to time, I’ve been asked by clients to create training courses on specific topics – most commonly SEO, and they’ve always been received well and as something of great value to the team.